“Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off the goal.” – Henry Ford

iPads Hold a Staggering 94% of the Education Market for Tablets

Apple says it had its best quarter ever in education sales, selling more than $1 billion worth of products. A huge chunk of that revenue can be credited to iPads. Apple said iPads accounted for 90% of tablet activations last quarter, with the iPad overall holding a 94% share of the education market for tablets. “We see Chromebooks in some places,” said Apple CEO Tim Cook. “But the vast majority of people are buying PC/Mac or an iPad. “It’s sort of unheard of,” Cook added. “I’ve never seen a market share that high before. So we feel like we’re doing really well here, and feel great to be making a contribution to education.” Educational sales overall were up 8% year-over-year, with iPad showing 22% growth over the same period, according to the Apple. Check out the original story here! * Text and image from http://mashable.com

Piri Piri Bubble Chicken Soup

Get the rest of the original recipe here! * Text and image from http://theyumyumfactor.blogspot.ca Ingredients: *2 cups bubble chicken stock 1 serving rice vermicelli (you determine what one serving looks like to you, as always, I don’t judge) 1 handful brocolli florets 1 small chunk of yellow and orange pepper, sliced into strips 1 small chunk red onion, sliced 2 tsp of garlic piri piri 1 tsp med piri piri (or to taste) handful of shredded chicken leftover from making the stock 1 scallion sliced 1 tsp black sesame seeds

Cherry Puffs

Get the original recipe from here! * Text and image from http://www.sweetsociety.com To Make The Puff Shell 1 cup (227g) unsalted butter – room temperature 2 cups (280g) all-purpose flour 1/2 cup (58g) powdered sugar To Make The Filling 8 oz (226g) cream cheese – softened 1/2 cup (100g) granulated sugar 8 oz (227g) Cool Whip – thawed 21 oz (595g) can of cherry pie filling/topping

Wooden Ruler

Purrrty rulers! Check them out here! * Text and image from http://hayshop.dk

How to Make Bitstrips Comics on Facebook — Or Hide Them Forever

There’s a storm coming. It’s a storm of goofy personalized comics, and it’s going to spread like a slightly annoying wildfire through your Facebook News Feed — if it hasn’t already. We’re talking, of course, about Bitstrips. If you don’t recognize the name, you likely recognize the pictures. Bitstrips are the shareable, customizable comics all over your Timeline, allowing even the worst artists in your friends list to create one-panel digital cartoons. Read the rest of the original article here! *Text and image from http://mashable.com

Hackers Seize 38 Million Adobe Customer Records

At the start of October, Adobe quietly explained that hackers had acquired data from three million of its customers’ accounts. Now, it’s admitted that that the number is actually in excess of 38 million. Adobe has admitted that hackers have snatched over 38 million Adobe IDs and encrypted passwords, along with credit card information, reports Reuters. Adobe spokeswoman Heather Edell told Reuters that the company believes the attackers obtained access to “many invalid Adobe IDs, inactive Adobe IDs, Adobe IDs with invalid encrypted passwords and test account data.” Read the rest of the original article here! * Text and image from http://gizmodo.com.au

The customer isn’t always right: Why standing up for your employees is good for business

In a world where customers’ criticisms can reach thousands of their “friends” in an instant, companies are (rightfully) worried that one disgruntled customer can wreak havoc on a brand – at least temporarily. Managers must walk a fine line between satisfying customers’ expectations and protecting their team members from what can quickly become hostile encounters that could be damaging to morale. So what’s a manager to do? Force employees who work in customer service to put up with rude customers who aren’t afraid to hide behind the anonymity of social media? Absolutely not. Read the rest of the original article here! * Text and image from http://thenextweb.com

Facebook exceeds expectations as it tallies 874 million monthly mobile users

Mobile advertising drove Facebook’s impressive growth in Q2 as the company continued to increase monthly active user numbers north of the one billion mark. For Q3 2013, the social network beat analysts’ expectations once more with $2.02 billion in revenue for the period. Daily active users for the month of September averaged 728 million (a 25 percent increase year-over-year) and monthly active users rose to 1.19 billion. Mobile check-ins grew once more as well, seeing 874 million monthly (a 45 percent year-over-year increase) and 507 million daily users compared to 819 million and 469 million for those sectors during Q2. These numbers show that the gap between mobile and total active users continues to draw closer with each passing three-month period as Facebook continues the mobile push and social media increasingly becomes a chore for handsets and tablets on-the-go. Read the rest of the original article here! *Text and image from http://engadget.com

LG G Flex Smartphone

Setting a new milestone in the evolution of the smartphone, LG Electronics (LG) today officially took the wraps off the LG G Flex, a smartphone curved to follow the contour of the face, the first device to offer such a design in the smartphone market. The latest device in LG’s premium G Series, the G Flex incorporates proprietary innovations from other LG companies in the form of the display and battery that have never been seen before. The LG G Flex also boasts new user experience (UX) features that take advantage of the curved form factor. Check it out here! * Text and image from http://www.lgnewsroom.com